Do you bet on wood for custom tv unit melbourne of your house?

Good choice, wood has been the most used material in the manufacture of custom tv unit melbourne for a long time because of its beauty, durability and resistance. 

Types of wood for custom tv unit melbourne 

As you know, there are many different possibilities when it comes to wood types for custom tv unit melbourne. From traditional and cheap woods, such as pine, to high-value wooden floating tv unit melbourne, with which luxury furniture is made. 


The hard wood usually comes from angiosperms trees, they are easy to identify because they are those that have flowers and fruits. 


Softwoods, on the other hand, are usually produced by naked seed gymnosperms. The largest producers of softwoods for floating tv unit melbourne manufacture are conifers, especially pines and firs. 

The best woods for floating tv unit melbourne

In reality, dozens of plant species are used to make floating tv unit melbourne, however, the following are the most used worldwide. 

  • Oak: We associate oak with hardness and it is effectively the most outstanding attribute of this type of wood, with a yellowish brown colour. If you want your floating tv unit melbourne to last for many years, this is a good choice. Another advantage is that it comes in a wide range of colours and accepts any type of finish. You can see oak furniture in the decoration of rustic and traditional interiors.
  • Chestnut: Similar to oak and also of great resistance and duration. It is mainly used in kitchen furniture doors. Once again, an option to consider if we are looking for long-lasting furniture. Other types of hardwood are walnut, holm oak and olive.
  • Mahogany: To speak of mahogany is to speak of quality. Mahogany timber floating tv unit has always been associated with a certain economic status. This wood produces high-class furniture, but requires certain special care, such as some humidity in the environment and protecting them from exposure to the sun.

Mahogany timber floating tv unit is expensive, but extremely elegant. 


Hardness and endurance are the keys to teak. This type of wood is mainly used in colonial style furniture. Its origin favors its resistance.


A wood very easy to work and therefore widely used as well. Ideal for young furniture, the pine wood can be pickled, stained and waxed, being able to make furniture of almost any colour. In addition, it offers a great value for money. On the negative side of the scale is the fact that being a soft wood is more prone to scratches.


The cherry wood is characterized by a beautiful reddish tone. Although fragile compared to oak, it is widely used in modern furniture because of its straight lines. 

How to distinguish a quality piece of furniture

Can you tell a quality piece of furniture at a glance? Of course. There are high-quality woods, such as mahogany, which offer very characteristic shades. It is easy to know the quality of a wood with the naked eye, especially in antique timber floating tv unit. A wood that has stood the test of time without scratches or evident signs in its surface layers proves its quality, on the contrary, a wood with evident signs of use, especially if the furniture is not many years old, denotes that the furniture has been made of low quality wood.

We usually associate hardwood with quality and durability and softwood with cheap furniture, and this need not be true in all cases. 


Our advice is that it is always worth investing in quality furniture. A piece of timber floating tv unit can accompany us for several decades, in fact, the normal thing is that a piece of furniture, independently of the type that is, remains in our house during many years, for that reason it is recommendable that we invest in quality, in resistant woods and good finished.

A reform capable of changing the style of our house has in the furniture its best ally, if we are able to complement the furniture with the style of our reform, we will have managed to change the appearance of our house completely.